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Kathy Hollicker, Principal

Kevin Martin, School Counselor

Becca Barstow, Administrative Assistant


Welcome to Rockland District Middle School!  Please take some time to look around our website - we have a lot of information for you to view.  Our student handbook can be viewed under the News tab at the top of this page. 


Upcoming dates of importance:
9/2:  First day of school!
9/3:  Band Demo Day, 10am (students only)
9/9:  Band Parent Night, 6:30pm, location TBD
10/2:  Picture Day
1/20/15:  Winter Concert dress rehearsal at the Strand, time TBD
1/21/15:  RDMS Winter Concert at the Strand, time TBD
6/1/15:  Spring Concert dress rehearsal at the Strand, time TBD
6/3/15:  RDMS Spring Concert at the Strand, time TBD


Aug 5 & 7:  9a-1p
Week of 8/11 & 8/18:  9a-1pm Monday-Friday
Week of 8/25:  8a-3p Monday-Friday


Want a paper copy of Mrs. Hollicker's back to school letter?  You can find it here, along with supply list for 2014-2015.


Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students,


I hope that you are having a pleasant and productive summer. The purpose of this letter is to share with you some important information regarding RDMS and to notify you of needed school supplies so that you will have plenty of time to purchase them before the first day of school.


We are scheduled to start school on Tuesday September 2nd.   At this time, all students are expected to report to their first class at 7:20 a.m. for attendance, however, we have not been updated by bus garage of exact bus run times, so this may need to change.  Please be sure to check our website for updates; we will also send out an e-mail and a phone message to everyone as any changes become apparent.  All students will report to their first class at 7:20 a.m. for attendance. Enclosed is your child’s schedule. Homeroom lists will be posted on outside doors of the building as well.   During the first two weeks of school, students will bring home notices and many requests for information. Please check with your child for this information. Also, please check the RDMS online calendar regularly for upcoming events. This calendar is updated at the beginning of each month. We also have an email notification list now. Email addresses will be used from student emergency cards. Please contact the office if you do not receive emails and you would like to be receiving them.


Last spring, RDMS formed a vision/mission committee to review and update our stated purposes.  We are still in the process of revising our stated mission/vision, and we are looking for a parent volunteer who will join us in finalizing this important document.   Please contact me or Becca Barstow, RDMS administrative assistant, if you are interested. 


Our current version of the Student Handbook is on-line; however, we are in the process of updating the mission/vision statements.  There may be a few more tweaks as well, so the final updated version should be available in the first week or two of September.  Rather than copy one for each family, we ask that you review the on-line handbook with your child. We will send home only the papers that must be signed and returned. If you do not have internet access, please send us a note and we will be happy to mail a copy to you.


New Staff: New teachers at RDMS this year are:   Art – Mrs. Locke-Talbot, French – to be determined, Mr. Herrick will join us one day a week to teach PE, Library ed tech – Lois Faria. Ms. Nash will join us full-time, taking over music/chorus for Mr. Walton who retired.


Staff Changes: Mr. Gallagher will be the Head Teacher. Mrs. Majunka will be our RTI teacher. Grade 5 team is now Mrs. Cornforth, Mrs. Hart, and Mrs. Groene. Grade 6 team is now Mrs. Tripp, Mr. Crossley, Ms. Slocum, Ms. McNeilly, and Mrs. McMackin. 7th grade remains a 3 person team with Mr. Gallagher, Mr. Roberge and Miss Campbell. Mr. Reese remains as the teacher of the Phoenix program. Mrs. Bode returns to us full-time as one of our Resource Room teachers.


Team Leaders: Team Leaders for 2013-2014: Grade 5 – Mrs. Groene, Grade 6 – Mrs. Tripp, Grade 7 – Mr. Gallagher, and Special Education – Mr. Reese.


Student Schedules: Your son/daughter’s schedule for the first trimester is available on Infinite Campus or upon request. Grading and Report Cards are on a trimester basis.   Teachers will be updating Infinite Campus progress reports each mid-trimester. Dates of mid-trimester progress reports are as follows: 10/17, 1/23, and 5/1.  Teachers will update grades and assignments each Tuesday by 5:00 p.m.


School-Wide Notebook: In order to help students with organizational skills, we require that students in grades 5-7 have a notebook (3-ring – 2 or 3 inch binder). In this notebook should be a pocket for pencils, pens, and paper (loose-leaf, no spiral binders) needed for note taking in each class. We provide each student with an agenda book. There are places provided for writing down assignments in this book. Students are expected to carry the agenda book to class inside their three-ring binder. Parents are asked to check agendas on a regular basis. 


Infinite Campus: The Parent Portal will be accessed through Infinite Campus. The Parent Portal will be active for current 6th and 7th grade students immediately, except incoming families from Owls Head School and 5th grade students from South School. Accounts will be set up for all students new to the building sometime in the fall. Parents that wish to have their own account set up should contact Mrs. Barstow at the office for their access key code. Parent accounts allow the parent to access the records of any students they have in RSU 13.


Band and Chorus: Band and chorus are offered as electives for all students. This year full band, sectionals, and chorus will be scheduled during regular school hours. This means children selecting band and/or chorus will miss a portion of an academic class.   Because of this, all band/chorus students will be required to check in with teacher of missing class to stay current. There will be a band demo day at 10am on September 3rd, and a band parent night at 6:30pm on September 9th (location of this is to be determined as we do it with Thomaston Grammar School). 


Lockers: Lockers will be available for grades 5-7 students. We discourage students from bringing valuable items or large sums of money to school.   Most students use backpacks to carry books between home and school. Backpacks are kept in lockers during the school day. The school is not responsible for any losses of personal items, such as iPods, cell phones and other electronic devices, nor can we spend time investigating the whereabouts of lost items.


Book Covers: All students are required to cover hardcover books. We have a supply of book covers in our library, or students may use brown bags or newspapers. Contact paper book covers are prohibited. 


School Pictures: School pictures will be taken until October 2nd. Retakes will be in November.


Bus Routes: Bus routes will be published in the local newspaper and on the RSU 13 website, mid-August.


Lunch/Breakfast: The current price for hot lunches in grades K-8 is $2.65 for students ($.40 reduced) and $4.25 for adults. The cost of breakfast is $1.00 or free.   Prices are subject to change based on School Board approval. It is important that everyone who qualifies for free and reduced lunch/breakfast fill out an application. Some federal monies that we receive are based on the free/reduced price lunch count. Grade 7 eats lunch from 11:05-11:30, grade 6 eats from 11:35-12, grade 5 from 12:05-12:30.


Snacks: Early adolescents are in a rapid period of growth and development. They need to eat! Each team will determine the snack time. Students may bring their snacks from home or purchase breakfast in the classroom each morning. 


Suggested healthy snacks are:

All fruits and vegetables                     Baked Sun Chips                    Rice Cakes

Pretzels                                                Yogurt                                     Popcorn

Raisins                                                 Granola Bars                           Fruit Cups

Cheese                                                 Crackers

Because some of our students are severely allergic to peanuts, we strongly discourage people from eating peanuts or peanut butter in school. Thanks for your help.


Water: Students may drink bottled water anytime during the school day. Brain research says that water is “food for the brain.” Students may purchase water from school vending machines or bring water from home, but water must be in a clear container so we can see the contents. We ask that screw top caps be used rather than squeeze bottles.


Dress Code: A copy of our district dress code policy is included available in our handbook. Please review this policy with your child. Rockland District Middle School enforces the RSU 13 Dress Code Policy. If parents assist us in our goal, we can work together to provide an education with as few distractions as possible. Please note that torn clothing, tank tops, midriffs, short apparel (higher than mid-thigh on students), exposure of undergarments or other provocative clothing are not acceptable attire for school. We strive for an atmosphere that is conducive to a learning environment where all students and staff feel comfortable without embarrassment.


Athletics: Please check out the Athletic page on the RSU 13 website. You’ll see that schedule links are included on the page, for all RDMS sports, as is a downloadable version of the athletic handbook. Buses will be provided for daily transportation to practice and facilities at Oceanside West. More information will be provided when it becomes available.


After-School Clubs: RASA Clubs will run on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this year beginning September 30th. Parents, keep eyes open for the catalog of offerings coming home in backpacks. The After-School Clubs are a great way to have fun, be active, learn new skills, and spend time with other students who have the same interests. 


Parents’ Group: The Parent Group will hold monthly meetings and run various fundraisers to help support the school. The RDMS Parent Group is currently run by Janet Corcoran.


Back to School Evening: The tentative date for our Back to School Evening is Wednesday, September 17 from 6:00-7:30 p.m. Parents will meet in the gym and then meet with teachers. We encourage you to stay involved in your child’s education.


Fundraisers: Fundraisers are becoming an important event for schools as budgets get tighter. Please be on the lookout for a letter with more information of what we do here at RDMS.  We use our fundraising money for teacher appreciation projects, field trips, and many other things not covered in the budget.


Volunteering: Your middle school needs you! We would so love for folks to come in and volunteer! You have an idea you would like to see happen?   Please come in and let us know.   Not sure how you can help? Please call us and give us times you’re available and we can set you up!!   Don’t be shy now, come in – you are always welcome here!


We are here to assist you and your children to provide a positive and successful middle school educational program. I am available any time for you to come in and talk, share concerns, and provide ideas. If you have any questions, please call my office.


Looking forward to September 2nd!


Mrs. Hollicker
RDMS Principal




The RDMS Student Council hosted a "Heroes Breakfast", inviting our local firefighters, paramedics, and police officers to visit and have breakfast in thanks for all that they do.




PLEASE REMEMBER!  We now send out school notices and information through email directly to parents, and we are getting lots of great feedback (no more digging crumpled papers out of the bottom of a backpack!).  If you have not been receiving these email notices and would like to be added to our list, please contact us and let us know!  Information will also be posted here on the website (events will be on the calendar) and of course we will still send notices home by mail or with students as necessary!


Mrs. Hollicker's letter regarding Sandy Hook


Parent-Student Infinite Campus Link

Common Core Standards Link

Apple ID’s for Under 13 Students
New Program Information for the 2014-2015 School Year

Creating an Apple ID for your student is an essential part of the MLTI (Maine Learning Technology Initiative) program.  RSU 13 participates in the MLTI program from grades 5-12. For our student population that is under age 13, in compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), Apple will be contacting parents/guardians directly through email with in depth information regarding these accounts. Apple will additionally send information on how to set up your student’s account at home. Please supply your school office with your email address and watch for email from Apple.
Please note:
If your student already set up an Apple ID last year this will not affect your student, there is no need to go through the process again. If your student is entering 5th grade or new to our district, please watch for this email communication from Apple.

Apple IDs for students under 13 include the following features:

  • Account settings, such as email address and date of birth, cannot be changed.
  • No credit card is attached to the account at setup.
  • Limit Ad Tracking is turned on for the account to ensure the student does not receive targeted advertising from Apple.
  • Students can’t opt-in to receive marketing materials.
  • A parent or guardian can be notified of any significant changes to the terms of the account.

Have a great school year!

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