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Welcome to Rockland District Middle School!  Please take some time to look around our website - we have a lot of information for you to view.  Our student handbook can be viewed under the News tab at the top of this page. 


Upcoming dates of importance:
4/17:  Parent-Teacher Conferences, early dismissal (11:20am)
4/18:  7th Grade Medieval Day
4/21-4/25:  April vacation, no school
5/5-5/9:  Tooth Protectors, Inc at South School - forms below
5/15:  RDMS Spring Open  House & Academic Fair, 5:30pm
5/16:  Early dismissal day
5/26:  Memorial Day, no school
6/4:  Spring Concert
6/16:  Honor Students Field Trip
6/17:  Honor Student Field Trip - RAIN DATE


Dear Parents/Guardians,

Congratulations to sixth grade student, Chloe Courant, came in 4th place in the State Spelling Bee! The bee lasted a total of 5 ½ hours, and Chloe was spelling for over 3 ½ hours!! It was a grueling performance with outstanding results!

Rehearsals are progressing rapidly in the band room at RDMS. The 5th grade band recently performed a stellar concert, playing with wonderful tone and sound. Almost every student performed a solo as well, which is very impressive coming from such young players. Now they are preparing for their next concert, continuing to learn musical fundamentals, and beginning their first band arrangements!

The 6/7 band is working hard on their concert music and are improving every rehearsal. A few weekends ago, 3 of our 6/7 students participated in the District 3 6th grade Honors Festival and the District 3 7/8 Grade Jazz Festival. Coming up, one of our 7th graders, Beatrice Weinand, will be performing in the District 3 7/8 Grade Honor Band Festival, which is a two-day music event held in Topsham. Later in the year the 7th graders will be performing in a collaborative concert with Camden Middle School, an exciting opportunity for all involved. This year's band instruction will culminate in a concert on June 4th. We hope to see you there!

In Mrs. McNeilly’s ELA writing class students are doing the Problem Based Learning project "The Fight for Space”.  It is a persuasive piece of writing that will have students using resources to enhance their thesis statement.  Students will be sending video questions to UCBerkeley in California and get a video back with personal student's answers.  There will also be doing a FaceTime chat.  The research also includes videos, articles and cartoons.

In Miss Campbell's Social Studies, students just finished the history of Russia and studied the geography as well. Perfect timing due to the Sochi Olympics! The students learned about communism and the history of Russia and the U.S.'s relationship through the years including The Cold War and the space race. Now we are onto our Medieval Studies! We have been learning about pyramid of power, influence of the church, feudalism, The Black Death, as well as the daily lives of medieval people. In the next few weeks the students will construct their own castles, cathedrals, or manors.  This will all culminate with Medieval Day, with the kids dressing up as their role and watching the reenactment of battling knights and talking about the people of those times.

On March 25th our school began a computer based Field Test called Smarter Balanced, beginning with the 7th grade students. This test will replace the fall NECAPS, likely given in the spring of 2015.  Our school opted into being a field test site in order to work out the technological bugs and to experience the new test. This field test is primarily for the test creators to work out the test questions and other glitches that will arise.  There will be no student results calculated as that is not the purpose. There are 20,000 schools and over 3 million kids across the country participating in this Field Test.

Mrs. Hollicker


The cold weather might still have it's grip on the Rockland area, but here at RDMS spring has sprung!  Students spent some time working together to decorate the hallways. 

Our first issue of our new school paper, the Eagle Flyer, is now available online.


Our honor roll has been posted for the second trimester!  Congratulations to all the students on the list for the hard work they have accomplished.


News from Mrs. Hollicker


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PLEASE REMEMBER!  We now send out school notices and information through email directly to parents, and we are getting lots of great feedback (no more digging crumpled papers out of the bottom of a backpack!).  If you have not been receiving these email notices and would like to be added to our list, please contact us and let us know!  Information will also be posted here on the website (events will be on the calendar) and of course we will still send notices home by mail or with students as necessary!


Please read Superintendent Collin's letter regarding security and access to the schools starting in the 2013/2014 school year.  You can view it here.


Mrs. Hollicker's letter regarding Sandy Hook


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