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Welcome to Rockland District Middle School!  Please take some time to look around our website - we have a lot of information for you to view.  Our student handbook can be viewed under the News tab at the top of this page. 


Upcoming dates of importance:
8/31:  First day of school 2015-2016 School Year


RDMS Honor Roll Trimester 3


Notice Regarding School Integrated Pest Management Policies






Dear Parents & Guardians,

The fifth grade is currently participating in the Vocabulary Bowl designed for students to increase their vocabulary skills using the website. Although they did get a late start, our fifth graders have mastered over 1,000 words and are currently in 4th place for the state of Maine. 


In honor of Poetry Month the Rockland Library hosted A Swarm of Poets: an evening of readings by a dozen or more Maine poets, as well readings by the winners of this year’s Poetry Contest the library sponsored.  Winners from our school are:   Alexa Barstow, 1st place; Anna Grierson, 2nd place; Jordan Vosburgh, honorable mention; and Mariah St. Clair, honorable mention. We are very proud of our poetry writers.


Because our Saturday snow days were cancelled, RDMS has changed the date for our first ever Career Day to June 12th from 9:00 – 11:00. We want to expose the students to the wonderful variety of careers we have here in the Mid-Coast area, hopefully sparking aspirations. If you are interested in presenting your career or know of someone we can invite, kindly call Becca Barstow at 596-2020. 


Our annual Medieval Day was April 10th this year. We had a local medieval reenactment group come in to show Medieval fighting techniques, to educate students on weapons, and to discuss important cultural aspects of that time.

In 7th grade science classes, students are learning the concepts that demonstrate thermal expansion - the fact that atoms and molecules move faster and further apart when heated. Students learned how radiation heat energy (infrared) can be transferred as a wave.   Mr. Roberge brought the students outside to watch a plastic tube go from being flat on the ground to magically floating! The demonstration illustrated how the sun’s radiation excites atoms and molecules to move faster and how density affected the tube’s change from flat to floating! Fun and interesting science classes are common with Mr. Roberge. 


For 7th grade ELA classes, students learned about Jerrie Mock, the aviator who was able to complete Amelia Earhart’s solo flight around the world, in honor of Women’s History Month. Students have also been studying biographies and have written some beautiful poetry pieces.

RDMS folks are truly pleased that spring has sprung! We are looking forward to our final push for excellence for school year 2014-2015.


Mrs. Hollicker


Apple ID’s for Under 13 Students

New Program Information for the 2014-2015 School Year

Creating an Apple ID for your student is an essential part of the MLTI (Maine Learning Technology Initiative) program.  RSU 13 participates in the MLTI program from grades 5-12. For our student population that is under age 13, in compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), Apple will be contacting parents/guardians directly through email with in depth information regarding these accounts. Apple will additionally send information on how to set up your student’s account at home. Please supply your school office with your email address and watch for email from Apple.
Please note:
If your student already set up an Apple ID last year this will not affect your student, there is no need to go through the process again. If your student is entering 5th grade or new to our district, please watch for this email communication from Apple.

Apple IDs for students under 13 include the following features:

    • Account settings, such as email address and date of birth, cannot be changed.
    • No credit card is attached to the account at setup.
    • Limit Ad Tracking is turned on for the account to ensure the student does not receive targeted advertising from Apple.
    • Students can’t opt-in to receive marketing materials.
    • A parent or guardian can be notified of any significant changes to the terms of the account.


PLEASE REMEMBER!  We now send out school notices and information through email directly to parents, and we are getting lots of great feedback (no more digging crumpled papers out of the bottom of a backpack!).  If you have not been receiving these email notices and would like to be added to our list, please contact us and let us know!  Information will also be posted here on the website (events will be on the calendar) and of course we will still send notices home by mail or with students as necessary!


Mrs. Hollicker's letter regarding Sandy Hook


Parent-Student Infinite Campus Link

Common Core Standards Link



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