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Welcome to Rockland District Middle School!  Please take some time to look around our website - we have a lot of information for you to view.  Our student handbook can be viewed under the News tab at the top of this page. 


Upcoming dates of importance:
12/22-1/2:  Winter Break, no school
1/16:  Early Dismissal, 11am
1/7-1/9:  Tooth Protectors
1/20/15:  Winter Concert dress rehearsal at the Strand, time TBD
1/21/15:  RDMS Winter Concert at the Strand, time TBD
6/2/15:  Spring Concert dress rehearsal at the Strand, time TBD
6/3/15:  RDMS Spring Concert at the Strand, time TBD


Notice Regarding School Integrated Pest Management Policies


Our first issue of the Eagle Flyer for the 2014-2015 school year has been published!  


The holiday season is upon us and one thing that surrounds us all is holiday goodies!  Here is a great article from Nurse Kuhn regarding eating healthy during the holidays!


Tooth Protectors will be here again in January.  Click here for more inormation and forms.


Dear Parents and Guardians,


On Monday, November 10th, RDMS hosted our annual Honor Our Veterans breakfast and assembly. We had over 35 veterans attend representing most branches of the service.   Following breakfast the RDMS student council escorted our honored guests individually to the assembly led by bagpiper and RSU 13 technology employee, Ian Erickson.  Our guest speaker was citizen and veteran, Doug Curtis, and we were honored to have Superintendent McDonald read a piece of poetry.


Lots has been going on in the classrooms during trimester 1!  Here is what we've been up to:


Mr. Crossley’s 6th grade science classes have spent the first part of the school year studying how to predict the motion of objects using Newton’s Three Laws of Motion. As part of our motion unit students are studying the forces and history of flight that will ended with a field trip to the Owls Head Transportation Museum on November 25.


 Mr. Gallagher’s 7th grade math students are working on some geometry (classifying angles and working with complementary and supplementary angles), integers (including addition and subtraction of integers and using integers in coordinate graphing), functions, and solving one-step addition and subtraction equations.


Mr. Tonner’s Industrial technology classes are off to a great start with lots of fun projects. The 5th Grade has just started technical drawings using drafting tools to complete different drawings of different shapes. The students will soon be starting their first hand tool project of tic tac toe boards. The 6th graders have been working hard on completing their first floor plans using Planner 5D on their IPADS. The students will have to complete a second house as well which will actually be built into a scaled down model. The 7th graders are digging into a fun engineering project building hovercrafts and catapults.


In health, the 5th graders studied the three aspects of their health (physical, mental/emotional, and social). In 6th grade health education, students have worked on making good healthy decisions, setting goals, and now are focusing on fitness and soon nutrition. The 7th graders studied the importance of being responsible of their health. We learned about melanoma and ways to promote good healthy skin. The students will soon becoming DEAs, experts in the field of a particular drug. The physical education units covered this trimester have been soccer, football, fitness; whiffle ball, and Sabakiball (an action-packed, non-stop, non-contact sport similar to lacrosse and team hand ball).


Mr. Wehnke’s, the Artman, students have had lots of fun creating seasonal art in the art room, such as colorful fall leaves and pumpkin still lives. They recently worked on a variety of different art in each grade level. In 5th grade they are learning about the artist Vincent Van Gogh and sketching their version of Van Gogh's Starry night. In sixth grade students are busy creating colorful Silhouettes using colors from sunrises or sunsets. Our seventh graders are studying portraiture using Native American Indians as their subject matter.


And finally, I am pleased to tell you that several of my staff members are studying the topic of mindfulness training for themselves and for students. Two staff members attended a conference in Saco, paying for the training themselves.   The training has led us to believe this is a critical skill we must learn more about. Stay tuned for updates on this subject as the year progresses.


As you can see, RDMS is focused on our students and working smart. We wish you a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year.


Mrs. Hollicker


RDMS Veterans Day Breakfast and Assembly.  We had a wonderful turnout this year!


Apple ID’s for Under 13 Students
New Program Information for the 2014-2015 School Year

Creating an Apple ID for your student is an essential part of the MLTI (Maine Learning Technology Initiative) program.  RSU 13 participates in the MLTI program from grades 5-12. For our student population that is under age 13, in compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), Apple will be contacting parents/guardians directly through email with in depth information regarding these accounts. Apple will additionally send information on how to set up your student’s account at home. Please supply your school office with your email address and watch for email from Apple.
Please note:
If your student already set up an Apple ID last year this will not affect your student, there is no need to go through the process again. If your student is entering 5th grade or new to our district, please watch for this email communication from Apple.

Apple IDs for students under 13 include the following features:

    • Account settings, such as email address and date of birth, cannot be changed.
    • No credit card is attached to the account at setup.
    • Limit Ad Tracking is turned on for the account to ensure the student does not receive targeted advertising from Apple.
    • Students can’t opt-in to receive marketing materials.
    • A parent or guardian can be notified of any significant changes to the terms of the account.


PLEASE REMEMBER!  We now send out school notices and information through email directly to parents, and we are getting lots of great feedback (no more digging crumpled papers out of the bottom of a backpack!).  If you have not been receiving these email notices and would like to be added to our list, please contact us and let us know!  Information will also be posted here on the website (events will be on the calendar) and of course we will still send notices home by mail or with students as necessary!


Mrs. Hollicker's letter regarding Sandy Hook


Parent-Student Infinite Campus Link

Common Core Standards Link



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