The Winter Kids is working on putting their application process online.  If you are interested you can check out their website or the attached documents

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Extra-Curricular Activities

Student Council

Advisor:  Ms. Slocum (14-15 SY)

Student Council meets after school on Tuesdays from 2-2:45pm.  Students from all grades are encouraged to participate.  Elections are held later in the fall for officers

2014-2015 Officers:
Alexa, President
Cadence, Vice President
Nathaniel, Secretary
Marina, Treasurer


Civil Rights

Advisor:  Ms. Slocum (14-15 SY)

Civil Rights meets after school on Mondays from 2-2:45.  Students from all grades are encouraged to participate.


Newspaper - Eagle Flyer

Advisor:  Mrs. Barstow

Eagle Flyer staff meets once per week after school.  The school paper is written by the students, for the students.  It includes original writings, artwork, and photography.  In the 2014-2015 school year we were able to get 3 issues completed.  This year our goal is 4 issues, plus having the students do more of the editorial work and putting together of the actual paper.


Issue 1, November 2014
Issue 2, December 2014
Issue 3, March 2015  Part 1Part 2

Issue 1, 2/13/14

Student Projects

Rockland has a rich history.  Please join Ms. Slocum 2008-2009 Language Arts students as they share what they have learned about Rockland's people, places, and events in their website Rockland History.


Students working with Mrs. Pietroski created web pages about our health. Visit them at this link.

 Flu and Pneumonia site


The iTeam is a student tech team that works to make life easier for the students and staff at the middle school.  We staff a help desk several mornings a week in the cafeteria to help classmates solve minor tech problems and to document more serious problems so the professional tech staff can address them.  We also help classmates clean their keyboards and screens safely.  We have flashdrives to help anyone move files from one computer to another, and we can help with backup issues or lost files.  We also help staff with their tech problems or projects from trouble shooting Mimio issues to using new software.  We have created a troubleshooting manual that is currently under reconstruction to accommodate the new MacBooks rather than the iBooks.  As soon as it updated, it will be linked to this page so anyone can get the help when we aren't around.  Whenever there is a need for a techie, we are there.


New members are welcomed as long as they meet the requirements for grades and behavior.  You don't have to be a techie to join - we can teach you that.  You just need to like people and computers and want to help. Download an application or pick one up in the main office.  We can use your help!


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