Special Education Team

Phoenix Room:

Mr. Palmer, Teacher

Mrs. Niemi, Ed Tech

The RDMS Phoenix program serves students who struggle with academic, organizational, and behavior management with an array of community building experiences, direct and indirect social skill training, and individualized educational support.


Resource Room:

Mrs. Whitney, Teacher

Mrs. Robinson, Teacher

Mrs. Newcomb, Ed Tech

Mrs. Grierson, Ed Tech

Mrs. Putansu, Ed Tech

NECC Program:

Ms. Dupont, Teacher

Ms. Collier, Ed Tech

Ms. Cobb, Ed Tech

Ms. Janczura, Ed Tech

Mr. Kirby, Ed Tech

Mr. Mann, Ed Tech



Mrs. Micklich, Speech/Language

Mrs. Drinkwater, Occupational Therapy

Mrs. Majunka, RTI II


Regular Educational Technicians:

Mrs. Fullerton

Mrs. Lord, lunch duty

Mrs. Hyde, Library