Extra-Curricular Activities

Student Council

Advisor:  Ms. Slocum (14-15 SY)

Student Council meets after school on Tuesdays from 2-2:45pm.  Students from all grades are encouraged to participate.  Elections are held later in the fall for officers

2014-2015 Officers:
Alexa, President
Cadence, Vice President
Nathaniel, Secretary
Marina, Treasurer


Civil Rights

Advisor:  Ms. Slocum (14-15 SY)

Civil Rights meets after school on Mondays from 2-2:45.  Students from all grades are encouraged to participate.


Newspaper - Eagle Flyer

Advisor:  Mrs. Barstow

Eagle Flyer staff meets once per week after school.  The school paper is written by the students, for the students.  It includes original writings, artwork, and photography.  In the 2014-2015 school year we were able to get 3 issues completed.  This year our goal is 4 issues, plus having the students do more of the editorial work and putting together of the actual paper.


Issue 1, November 2014
Issue 2, December 2014
Issue 3, March 2015  Part 1Part 2

Issue 1, 2/13/14